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Lehigh Valley Mall

It’s time for fun for the Whole Family!

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Always Welcome
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A New Way to Have Fun!
Refreshing & Invigorating

Turn off the TV, forget computer games, this kind of fun stimulates the senses and gives kids a chance to engage with each othter.

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Birthday Parties
They'll remember it forever

How about giving your kids a party that stands out from the crowd and something THEY will really LOVE!

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Products for Sale
Squishables & Popups

Everyone loves popping bubble wrap! Be sure to give your kids a turn at using these outstanding toys. And, squishables are the Teddy Bears of the 21st Centrury!

Take a Grand Tour of Slimetime FUN!!

Have Fun!

Many young slime time chemists or our little SlimeOlogist enjoy the process of making slime and wearing their Lab Coats and Goggles and getting to work even more than playing on video games.

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What the Kid's Say!

Give the Children a Safe Place to Play!

It helps that parents are for the most part supportive of their kids’ hobby, citing the creativity and hands-on nature of making different slimes. It gives children a place to play with all our Sensory Walls and all the Different Slime Tanks provided!

View our Packages Here

Our Basic and Deluxe Packages offer two levels of fun.  See which one is right for your family.

Birthday Parties

Give them a birthday they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Special Toys

Poppers and Squishables are unique and are the best gift idea ever!

Simple – Clean – Memorable

The silliest part of slime that kids seem to be enjoying – aside from making it – is sticking a finger into it and then pulling it out to produce a funny little slurping noise, as organic and satisfying as the popping of bubble wrap. 

Slime Time

Slime Time Entertainment in the Lehigh Valley Mall. Come visit for a unique fun experience for you and your family.

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Lehigh Valley Mall


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